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Message from the Chair

Jha physics had been successfully in making future of more than thousand students from years before through basic fundamental concepts and personalized doubt clearing and individual attention. The only magic we believe in is the power of will. The students or the one having the curiosity for gaining knowledge hits the platform of success easily and climbs the steep slope of life with patience(tan theta= 0). I personally believe that the ultimate resolution of every student should be their own quench for knowledge. We believe in building a strong relationship with the students in such a manner that they never hesitate to ask any doubts or any clarification of the subject.

Physics is known to be a subject of natural phenomena thus I strive towards making the concepts as relatable to the nature as possible because the strategy to study physics is fundamental concepts with respect to the surrounding nature. Our whole team of Jha physics dreams about making India a self independent nation by making a progressive trail of students career who will later on be the strength of our nation.

From 25 years, we have been just striving towards establishing a healthy atmosphere for the students with great analytics and logical based concepts. Strengthening the basic fundamentals of the students will help them to get a better understanding because once you start visualizing your concepts, you will ultimately discover something new. Our country needs these mighty super heroes for its upcoming future and we assure that we will not just make fame in results but also sharpen the young minds with our knowledge. We wish to be part of their testimonials by tolerating all their frustration, anger and navigating their doubts from within. I wish for a great and jolly adventure with you all, dear aspirants. May God bless you. Wishing for a bright future of all of you.

S. K. Jha
Chairman, Jha’s Physics