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Its not just about reading and learning the formulas , its about developing thematurity in concepts. Cracking IIT is not impossible if you master your basics and strengthen your numerical section with practice. In this batch, we never select a portion. We teach you the whole concept in order to make your over all concept clear. For a overall understanding, we deal with daily life example numerical in beginning and gradually, we move to advance level concepts. Even , there will separate classes on just advance numerical. To self evaluate, we have test series on all the best topics from all the topics and also from each sub topic. Ultimate test every week plus grand test after completion every 3 chapters.


Registration Fee

Rs. 4500/-

Examination Fee

Rs. 4500/-

Admission Fee

Rs. 4000/–

Course Fee

34,000/– (Per Subject)

18% GST 1,02,000/– At the time of Admission 50%, rest Payable in 2 Installment.